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Based on discoveries of the 19th & 20th centuries it is now abundantly clear that pure GeoWater - generated under intense temperature and pressure deep within the Earth's crust - is predictably accessible from the surface.  These discoveries are seminal to the method used by GeoWater International (GWI) to find pure water.

Owing to forces of plate tectonics & volcanism GWI can readily intercept pure GeoWater at appreciable volumes that are sustainable over long periods.  These discrete waters are distinct and entirely separate from hydrological or ‘rain cycle’ water which appears at the surface and in ‘run off’ aquifers.

To date many billions of gallons of pure GeoWater have been & continue to be harvested as the product of wells located using the GWI Method

has determined the preponderance of water in the Earth's hydrosphere found its origin in Earth-created GeoWater.  A clear appreciation of the discrete origin of GeoWater - which again is separate from aquifer water - is essential to understanding the opportunity it represents around the world.

Because of the intense processes involved in the production of GeoWater, its purity, volume and longevity are consistently superior to other sources.


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