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GeoWater International employs a unique, proven scientific method to locate abundant, sustainable sources of pure GeoWater.  The GWI Water Location Method enjoys a greater than 90% success rate around the world - on several continents.  Nearly a thousand wells located using the GWI Method have produced pure GeoWater for over half a century.

GWI located GeoWater is distinct & separate from aquifer water so it is not threatened by the depletion of precipitation-dependent aquifers.  GeoWater is not part of the hydrologic cycle.

GeoWater is the one best opportunity for water development where transportation, desalination or other methods of water production are impractical, costly or impossible. 

GeoWater located by the GWI Method is a lasting solution for the world's water deficit.

GeoWater International can quickly identify GeoWater sources the world over.


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