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GeoWater International - Water Unlimited - Introduction - 2015 from Strategic Waters International.

GeoWater International introduces the freshwater paradigm that is the answer to water deficits the world over.

This is where water comes from on Earth - GeoWater.


People need pure fresh water.  The Earth provides it in sustainable abundance. 

We call it GeoWater.

GeoWater International (GWI)
 locates pure GeoWater around the world using our proven Water Location Method.

The GWI Method is highly repeatable - over a 90% success rate.  Billions of gallons of pure, potable GeoWater have been produced for over half a century - often in areas conventional hydrology considers devoid of more traditional groundwater.  In fact, GeoWater is entirely separate & distinct from this hydrological or ‘rain cycle’ aquifer water.  Thus GeoWater is not affected by drought.

GeoWater is the purest, most sustainable fresh water in the Earth.

The GWI Method is well-suited to developed & undeveloped regions alike.  GeoWater is nearly always the least costly source of pure water.

 can eliminate potable water shortages, realize substantial revenues & largely erase a looming spring of regional and international tension.

Developing thousands of 'discrete' GeoWater sources will significantly increase population security & economic stability.  The GWI Method for locating pure GeoWater is fundamental to abundant health & prosperity the world over.



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